Coming to Steam in March 2017!

Narborion Saga is coming to PC! With enhanced non-linear storyline, completely overhauled gameplay, map-based overland and dungeon movement, player-vs-player combats, Battle Arena, endless random dungeons and lots of encounters with loot, it will statisfy the core fans of story-based RPGs!

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Welcome to Narborion Saga!

Narborion Saga is series of interactive gamebook series aspiring to take tabletop roleplaying to the mobile, inspired by the choose-you-own-adventure books, but spicing them with a turn-based strategic combat system, spells, monsters, items and much more!

An 18+ gamebook made in cooperation with Richard Morgan and Gollancz, this is an RPG for real roleplayers, with deep characterization and a mature, gritty storyline.
Ten useful tips from the author herself that will help you succeed playing the upcoming “The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau” gamebook.

Narborion Book 1 Cover
In Book 1, a young page embarks on his first mission to defeat a legion of undead and start to unfold an ancient conspiracy which banished a Goddess. During his travels, he will meet surprisingly civilized goblins, a forest of sleeping demons, a deadly swamp, forge alliance with the traveling folk and lastly, enter the Black Keep to meet the infamous Lord Malbor, master vampire.

Narborion Book 2 Cover
In Book 2, our hero is promoted to be a squire and he get furthermore entangled into the fight against the forces of darkness. Up North, the orcs are gathering an army and it is rumored that the God of Orcs is leading it. Deadlier enemies, more challenging traps and riddles hinder his mission, and he can even visit a mysterious extraplanar fortress to meet the elusive Midnight Swan.

Narborion Book 3 Cover
In Book 3, the hero is about to travel to the Swamp of Thousand Paths, where the Ancient Horror awaits as the next step to bring back the banished Goddess. The marshes are deadly, with many powerful enemies, half-human, half-crocodile beasts, snakes and marsh vampires. You can fall in love with an elf princess, join a peccary hunt, solve more riddles and ultimately, get the weapon to defeat Xaraxorn, the Ancient Horror.

Narborion Origins: Lord Malbor Cover
In The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau, a young servant embarks on a mission to defeat a dragon and find a lost chalice. The forests are dangerous but the cities aren’t much better. Tame a giant, trade riddles with an underwater legend, fight alongside the valkyries, discover the hall of the Stone Nymphs – all before battling the dragon Lig-na-Baughe for your ultimate treasure: The Chalice of the Knight’s Council.

Narborion Origins: Lord Malbor Cover
In Narborion Origins: Lord Malbor, young Lord Malbor is visiting the Fangor Boarding School where he starts to learn the Dark Art. As member of a secret organization, he’s about to uncover something that was meant to be hidden and thus he will become the dreaded vampire lord of the Black Keep..



A Bookmark is esentially a savegame feature in the game. Whenever…