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The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau

How did you become interested in a fantasy genre? Was it traditional D&D games, fantasy novels or something else got you hooked? [Meghan Barrett] I became interested in fantasy through the normal means – Tolkein, Rothfuss, and a few authors that appealed to me as a teenager, like Clare, Paolini, and Colfer. I’ve always been […]

Writers, Gamebooks and Readers

How did you become interested in a fantasy genre? Was it traditional D&D games, fantasy novels or something else got you hooked? [Sylvia] The Lord of the Rings was the first fantasy novel I read and it left a huge impact on me. Before that I was interested mostly in classic French and British literature (Alexandre […]

About Illustrations and Art

Today we made an interview with Gabriella, our Head of Art and Gábor, our Illustrator.   How did your career develop from an artist to a fantasy gamebook app illustrator? What was your biggest non-games related project? [GÁBOR] My earliest memories about myself is me drawing. I was drawing pictures all the time when I was […]

About the new SagaScribe Engine

As a first Developer Diary entry, here is a short Q&A with Joseph, our had developer and Dan, our editor-in-chief. What was the main idea or inspiration behind the SagaScribe engine? (DAN) With the first book we did a huge leap of faith, placing our money on what we knew about tabletop roleplayers. It seems that it […]

Tips And Tricks

#1. Save bookmarks often #2. Be kind to everybody, you’ll get rewards #3. Try to find every Gold Coin in the game #4. Concentrate on Magic. It can save you! Protection from Evil is useful before battles! #5. Find and open the box at the Wraythrat Forest! It will hold useful items! #6. Don’t try […]

Madame Chataquela

A middle aged gipsy woman sat at the smouldering campfire on a fallen trunk, and stared into the red light. She was alone, the other members of the camp were sleeping for a long time. The sounds of the night came from the woods behind her: the hooting of an owl, a distant yowl of […]

Lady Carluna

Lady Carluna stopped her horse at the edge of the woods and looked up to the twilit sky where the White Moon, Iareah, was already travelling on her night path, but the pale lights of the stars couldn’t be seen yet. She turned back in the saddle to her companions and said: „We continue on […]

Fame Points

Fame points represent your state of being known throughout the kingdom. When you do some knightly deeds, your Fame increases. But it can also decrease: bad choices, actions that are against being just, merciful, generous, brave, loyal and noble will lower your Fame score. Beginning with the second book, and from then at the beginning […]

Story of Three Arrows Inn

In the Great Wars, Kiron Surehand was the member of the 5th Imperial Archers. It was a famous company, well known for their skills, toughness and loyalty. Kiron was especially talented, as he was the heir of a hunter dynasty so it is said that he was born with a bow in his tiny hands. During the Great Wars, […]