Narborion tips and tricks

Tips And Tricks

#1. Save bookmarks often

#2. Be kind to everybody, you’ll get rewards

#3. Try to find every Gold Coin in the game

#4. Concentrate on Magic. It can save you! Protection from Evil is useful before battles!

#5. Find and open the box at the Wraythrat Forest! It will hold useful items!

#6. Don’t try to defeat ancient evil unless you are extremely well prepared.

#7. If you can’t hit somebody in a combat, probably you’re trying the wrong way…

Fame Points

Fame points represent your state of being known throughout the kingdom. When you do some knightly deeds, your Fame increases. But it can also decrease: bad choices, actions that are against being just, merciful, generous, brave, loyal and noble will lower your Fame score.

Beginning with the second book, and from then at the beginning of every book, you’ll be able to distribute some more ability points based on your Fame score.

You can also share your Fame score on Facebook to brag about your progress and we also have a Leaderboard so you can compare your status with other players’.


A Bookmark is esentially a savegame feature in the game. Whenever you feel it would be good to insert a virtual bookmark into your book, you only need to tap the green bookmark icon at the bottom left of the screen. You will need to create an account first, as bookmarks are saved into the cloud. If you change your device for example, you will only have to login with the same account on your new phone/tablet and you can go to any of your bookmarks.

To access your bookmarks, tap “Menu” at the bottom right corner and tap “Jump to Bookmarks”. If you are logged in, you’ll see the list of all your bookmarks.