Ten Tips from the Writer of Narborion Adventures: The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau

  1. Not all bandits are created equal

This goes for spiders, zombies, and other enemies you encounter in the game. If you have multiple enemies, target them in a strategic order.

The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau

The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau

  1. Stay true to your character

Sure, you could just pick whatever choice you think will let you ‘win’ the game, but what’s the fun in that? This is an RPG, after all; decide what kind of person you want to be at the beginning and stick with it.

Need an example? If you’re someone who loves hanging around bars and chatting with people, you likely wouldn’t go through the forest – as a people-lover, you’re far more likely to enjoy the cities than the solitude of the woods!

  1. The hardest path at the beginning may make the easiest path at the end

Being weak may make the first few chapters difficult as you try to defend yourself against enemies much stronger than you. But towards the end, those qualities that hampered you could lead you to discover alternate ways to win that only work because of your original talents! Explore the world, and stay true to your talents when you make choices; you never know what you’ll find.

  1. A little kindness can go a long way

Be kind to those in the game and the game might just be kind to you. Or not, but at least you’ll feel good, eh?

  1. Bookmark and bookmark often

You never know what’s waiting on the next slide and it sucks to have to bookmark when you’ve already lost HP. On that note…

  1. Never walk around with less than 10 HP

This is the equivalent of walking around with your arm mostly off and a broken leg. If you trip, or bang your head into a tree branch, you’re probably done for. What an undignified way to go.

  1. Make a friend
The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau

The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau

Friends make life easier – in real life or in RPGs. Unless you’re playing as a curmudgeon (in which case the forest might just have a sidekick to match your charming disposition!), see if you can charm a friend into helping you with your quest.

  1. Never underestimate the importance of being lucky

Dice rolls are a huge part of any RPG and this game is no different. No matter how high your original stat, there’s almost always a small chance you could fail a dice roll when you need it most. Keeping a few extra luck points around is advisable for just these moments.

  1. You never know where you might find magic

The game has so many hidden corridors and out of the way places; take your time and explore! Detect magic, collect weird items, check out the funny stairwell in the back. There’s an amazing amount you can discover about the world – and several really good items, spells, and friends – if you just take your time. And remember, if something seems suspicious, maybe check out it’s magical properties before you move forward…

  1. There’s many ways to win

There are several endings based on what you make of yourself – and not all of them involve fighting! The hardest part is finding the ending that’s right for your skills but, if you stay true to your character, you should be able to figure it out. There’s also many paths to take to the end – notably you can go through both city and forest – and a whole slew of different choices and items depending on which way you go. So make yourself a hero, however you choose, just make yourself the hero that’s right for you.

And finally – yes, you can ride the dragon. Good luck!

Madame Chataquela

A middle aged gipsy woman sat at the smouldering campfire on a fallen trunk, and stared into the red light. She was alone, the other members of the camp were sleeping for a long time. The sounds of the night came from the woods behind her: the hooting of an owl, a distant yowl of the wolves, the barely audible steps of some sneaking animals.

The woman creased her calico skirt between her legs, leaned forward and poked the fire. When she looked up again and her eyes adapted to the darkness once more, the silhouette of a robed figure appeared in front of her. Maybe it was her hazy sight, but she could have sworn that the figure emerged from the flames of the campfire. She recoiled in shock as she didn’t hear him arrive. She couldn’t see the stranger’s face under his hood, only his glimmering eyes. Only those mesmerizing eyes.

„Greetings, Chataquela!”

The voice clearly belonged to the stranger, but somehow it seemed to come from very, very far.

„Don’t be frightened! I’m here to deliver a message to you. Listen well, and when the time arrives, remember. One day, a young man will arrive to your camp. He is of royal blood, who will decide the fate of eight nations. The Golden Eagle needs a hero. A true king, a leader of nations, who will release the Eagle’s chained daughter and destroy her enemy.”

„Start him on his journey, Chataquela. Help him. Guide him. Let Zetan bless your life!”

As the figure finished his message, a blast of sparks erupted from the campfire, temporarily blinding the astonished gipsy woman. When she regained her sight again, the enigmatic messenger has disappeared. Chataquela smoothed back her long, jet-black hair, and straightened her back. She shook her head slowly. She must have fallen asleep by the campfire. It happens in warm summer nights. What a strange dream she had…

And as it happens with all dreams, the entire conversation faded into the depths of Chataquela’s memory…

Lady Carluna


Lady Carluna, Lady Watawan and Lady Shatasha

Lady Carluna stopped her horse at the edge of the woods and looked up to the twilit sky where the White Moon, Iareah, was already travelling on her night path, but the pale lights of the stars couldn’t be seen yet. She turned back in the saddle to her companions and said:

„We continue on foot, ladies. You, Lord Kelinor, just stay here, rest and wait for us. We will return before dawn. And don’t worry, my brave knight, the forest will guard us, better than you could.”

The princess and her ladies-in-waiting, Shatasha and Watawan dismounted, took their saddlebags off their horses and quickly changed their riding boots to sandals. The knight, in his chainmail and armed to the teeth, moved a bit slower than the young ladies. He also dismounted and started to look after the horses. He gripped their bridles and led them to a spot rich with grass, where they could graze. By the time he finished, the three young ladies have already vanished in the woods.

Iareah nearly reached her zenith when Carluna, Shatasha and Watawan arrived to a small, circular clearing. On the rim of the glade white mushrooms grew freely, but the ladies were not interested in gathering them. They were heading straight to a stone dais waiting silently under an ancient oak in the middle of the clearing.

„Here we are”, Carluna sad. „This is the Sacred Glade of Ashili. I was barely ten years old, when my mother brought me here for the first time. Then she explained to me that if I wanted to be really close to Mother of All Nature, I have to come here. And tonight we want to be very, very close to Her. Tonight is the night for the 111th conjunction of the White and Dark Moon. Tonight is the wedding night of Ashili and Valoran, the true creators of the World. They won’t refuse our appeal tonight… Let’s prepare the place.

In the next hour, the ladies cleaned up the glade, embellished the altar with bouquets and garlands, and then hung red, green and yellow lampions on the lower branches of the trees standing around the glade. By the time they finished everything it as almost midnight. As the last act of preparation, they took their sacred white cloaks from the saddlebags and put them on.

The three graces formed a circle and took each other’s hand to offer a silent prayer to the Mother. Then stepping to the tree, they started to dance around the ancient oak with smooth, easy steps. Their circling dance became faster and faster, until their whirling was so intense that everything seemed to be blurred. The ladies went on with their dance until the White Moon has completely reached her zenith. Then they abruptly stopped, and gathered around the stone altar.

Lady Carluna, who took her position at the side edge of the altar, waited until her dizziness wore. Then she raised her outspread arms toward the moon, and started to chant.

„Mother of All Nature, life-bringer Goddess, look down and hear us out! Take our sacred oath and bless our covenant. We are here to forge the Covey of the Silver Swan, which will serve Life, Light and Love. Our offering is this: we will free your beloved maiden, Cattyrose and restore her powers and rebuild her religion. Our appeal is this: life-bringer Goddess, bestow on us the Power and Protection of Nature. Let us to serve both you and Cattyrose with our complete devotion and with our full power!”

A light breeze rose from the branches of the oak and they heard a rippling laughter of a woman…

At the same moment, in a dark forest far, far away, a black shadow raised to the skies from the rugged, blood-painted ash tree which stood in the deepest, most dark place of those woods. Its flying was followed by the croaking of crows and the hoot of owls…

Story of Three Arrows Inn

In the Great Wars, Kiron Surehand was the member of the 5th Imperial Archers. It was a famous company, well known for their skills, toughness and loyalty. Kiron was especially talented, as he was the heir of a hunter dynasty so it is said that he was born with a bow in his tiny hands.

During the Great Wars, the stocky, well-built and extremely fast archer was placed in charge with twenty of his comrades to defend a bridge until the King can withdraw from what later became known as the Battle of the Three Arrows. The charging of the combined forces of orcs and wargs was met with a furious volley of arrows. Four times they attacked and four times they had been defeated, and not only the King could reach a safehouse but the enemy was defeated.

At the last charge of the riders, Kiron and his two surviving comrades, Lethan One-Eye and Hald the Fearless put one arrow each in the left eye of the orc commander. Seeing the devilish skills of the archers, the attacking forces retreated in awe and they had been destroyed to the last by the 1st Imperial Rangers.

Interior of the Three Arrows Inn

Interior of the Three Arrows Inn

Kiron, Lethan and Hald was knighted there and then, and after their honorable discharge from the 5th, they received an inn as a token of gratitude from the King which they instantly named the Three Arrows Inn. Now, 20 years later Kiron Surehand is the only member of the trio alive. The Three Arrows Inn is the gathering place of adventurers, bards, soldiers and everybody who likes a good story about heroism, chivalry and honor.

Kiron is known to sit down with adventurers and listen to their story, and if it is very good, he even surprises them with a gift from time to time.