You are about the continue your adventure. A couple of months ago you’ve rebuilt the Chapel of Cattyrose and you have defeated Lord Malbor, the Vampire Baron spreading evil through the land. But now a more ancient evil awakens, and this time you might very well lose everything. You must be a hero once more. You must protect the Kingdom. You must be a champion again, defending good and defeating evil. There’s a deep conspiracy to untangle and ancient alliances to uncover. Secrets better kept hidden must be revealed…

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Narborion Saga, Book II: The God of Orcs will feature lots of new game elements, based on player feedbacks:

  • a completely redesigned combat system
  • new micro-transaction model (IAP) to better suit player needs
  • a fully unlocked version
  • an enhanced dynamic storytelling engine
  • an Arena for those who only love to fight
  • new items
  • new spells
  • option to create and sell items
  • hints and helps
  • ability to learn new spells during the game
  • character evolution
  • …and much more!

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