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SagaScribe is a 2nd-generation cross-platform gamebook engine that lets you create awesome gamebook apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, BlackBerry and PC. SagaScribe was used to create the Narborion Saga gamebook series and the A Land Fit For Heroes game. SagaScribe is now available for publishers, tabletop roleplaying companies, authors and game developers to create their own gamebooks and publish them on the app stores or PC.

Key features:

  • Dynamic storytelling engine: you can create a vastly complicated storyline, based on many different variables, choices and actions of your players. The SagaScribe engine will monitor the player’s progress, mark his or her decisions and you can write your gamebook reflecting these choices. This way, you can create a completely non-linear gamebook so that players can re-play it multiple times with multiple endings.
  • Multi-player games: you can create a gamebook that can be played solo, or by three players as a team. The engine includes the invitation and matchmaking system, the voting system so players can make key decisions together and the necessary server components.
  • Multi-character games: for single-player gamebooks, your player can have the option to create and play a group of characters (currently three characters are supported per player).
  • Grid-based combat system: a good fight is a very important element of any roleplaying session. SagaScribe features a turn-based, grid-like combat system which resembles tabletop pen-and-paper experience as much as possible. You can design any combats you like, against multiple opponents. The outcome of the combat can decide how the story enfolds.
  • Expandable monster database: while we feature many monsters (orcs, goblins, trolls, demons, vampires, wolves, spiders, zombies, skeletons and the like) you are free to expand the monster database as you like. You can select from the available special abilities (like paralyzation, energy drain, poison, multiple attacks and so on) you can add your own with minimal effort.
  • Flexible spell engine: we are expanding the spell selection continuously with new magics quite often, you can add your own spells and magical effects. The SagaScribe engine also has a rune-based mosaic magic system.
  • Customizable items list: the available list of weapons, armor, potions, magical and mundane items is large, you can create your own items your players can collect or buy.
  • Random dungeons: if you want your players to get lost in a huge randomized dungeon with random encounters, loot and traps, SagaScribe is the engine for you. While keeping your game in the gamebook genre, you can add some spice with this module.
  • Dungeon mapping: should your players enter a chapter which is a dungeon or a labyrinth, you can help them out with self-drawing maps that shows areas which they already visited.
  • Built-in minigames: simple touch-based mini-games like traffic jam, puzzle, Lloyd-15, scales, mastermind, riddles, anagrams are built into the game so you can re-use them whenever you want.
  • Bookmarks: the SagaScribe engine includes the server-side component to save games to the cloud. Your players can play across multiple devices (mobile, tablet or PC), so they can access their bookmarks from any device.
  • Free-to-play, completely free, ad-based or pay-per-download monetization: it is completely up to you whether you want to give your game for free, want to monetize via in-app-purchases or you want to published a paid application.

If you’d like to use SagaScribe for your own project, please contact us here for pricing and details.